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The future of public media in our communities is about:

  • creating dynamic local content and educational services
  • providing access to a broad array of local and national programs available anytime, across all media, including TV, radio, online, and mobile
  • a deep commitment to local journalism
  • telling the stories of our region, sharing new voices and inspiring new conversations

NEPR is no longer just public radio. WGBY is no longer just public television. Together as NEPM, we will be a robust, new multi-platform organization committed to sharing the stories of our local communities, the region, and the world. New England Public Media will be an independent nonprofit organization with a new board of directors, representative of NEPR and WGBY.

Yes, the programs you know and love on NEPR and WGBY will continue. See schedules at and As we begin work as New England Public Media, we’re excited about the new stories we can start telling together.

We’re working on bringing all of our talent, technology, resources and leadership together. Our plan is to begin integrating operations in the coming months and will be sharing updates with our viewers, listeners and supporters regularly.

The staff of NEPM will work out of our existing facilities at 1525 Main Street and 44 Hampden Street in Springfield and also from the Five College Studios on the UMass Amherst campus.

While we work towards this new endeavor, your continued support of both WGBY and NEPR are more important than ever. Your gifts to WGBY and NEPR are vital to the health of our organizations and we hope that you’ll continue to be part of building this new public media organization for the region.

If you’re currently a member of NEPR or WGBY, your membership will continue. You’ll receive more information as the stations come together over the next 12 months. We hope you’ll be excited to be a member of the new organization and stay connected with us through your membership as we grow and offer new services.

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NEPM Board

Officers/Executive Committee

Jonathan Abbott, Director
Jessica Atwood, Director
Tim Boomer, Treasurer and Chair of the Finance/Audit Committee
Coleman Casey, Clerk/Secretary
Robert Feldman, Chairman of the Board
Susan Fentin, Vice-Chair
John Kennedy, Director
Anthony Hayes, COO, General Manager
Martin Miller, President
Paul Murphy, Vice-Chair
Crist Myers, Vice-Chair
Claudia Perles, Director and Chair of the Development Committee
Michael Yaffe, Director


Karen Burkinshaw
Carlo Centeno
Sharon Davenport
William Davila
Manuel Frau-Ramos
W. Garth Janes
Carol Kinsley
Tim Loew
Lydia Martinez
Robyn Newhouse
Sarah Pfatteicher
William Trudeau, Jr.

NEPM Meetings

New England Public Media (WGBY/NEPR) Board of Directors Annual Meeting

Due to inclement weather the public session of NEPM’s Board of Directors meeting on 12/2 has been cancelled
Download NEPM By-Laws

The WGBH Community Advisory Board shall act as the Community Advisory Board for WGBY-TV. A full public meeting schedule is available on